I'm a stay at home mom of three adorable daughters and a sweet baby boy living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  There is something about the never ending diaper changes, runny noses, and sleepless nights that I can't resist.  Either that or it's my four adorable children that keep me home... But as cute as they may be, I learned early on with my first daughter that girls are in serious need of some accessorizing!  The kind of accessories that would distingish them from the 'snails and puppy dog tails' gender, if you know what I mean.  I searched high and low and couldn't find anything that matched their needs and my style (because lets face it, they don't really get a say in the style department)  So being a stay at home mom, and doing things that stay at home mom's do, I started making my own!  It began with a line of headband bows (I was determined to never hear the words 'he is so cute!' again) and quickly moving on to clippies, matching belts and pacifier clips as demand grew.  And don't tell my girls, but there are a few boy items to chose from too.

So have a look around the site, I am confident you will enjoy what you find.  And keep in mind that most items are 100% hand made.  (don't worry I wash up between diaper changes and bow making) which means quality is guaranteed and new ideas are added constantly.

 About our Headbands

  Bella Babies Headbands are super soft and stretchy.  They come with one side that is shiny and the other side is matte.  I use the shiny side for my organza and satin bows and the matte side for the grosgrain bows.  The headband measures 5/8" in width.  I am sure you will be coming back for more!


Newborn - 12.5 - 13.5 inches

Baby - 14.5 - 15.5 inches

Toddler - 16 - 17 inches

  *The headband should be about 1 inch smaller than your baby's head to allow for some stretch, please let me know if you need a specific size not listed above.

About our Clippies

Bella babies offers three styles of clippies to choose from:

Alligator clips (regular and mini size) - Hair can be easily swooped to the side, or get a matching pair for pigtails!  Comes with a no-slip grip!

French Clip - These are best for older children (or young children with lots of hair!) They look great with a pony tail too!

We also have snap clips that can be purchased on request.

About our Mini Clips

Our mini clips are great for newborns and babies with itty bitty hair, they can grab even the littlest amount of hair with our no slip grip.  


All our ribbon is heat sealed to prevent fraying!

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